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Want to join the elite Navy SEALs? To qualify for enrollment at BUD/S, you must pass the physical screening test. This page provides information about where to take the test, how to contact the testing locations, and what to bring to the screening test. Contact the screening locations below for information on scheduling.

Eastern U.S.
U. S. Naval Academy,
Annapolis, Maryland
(410) 293-7101
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point) Great Neck, NY
Norfolk, Virginia
(757) 462-4128

Miami, Florida

(800) 445-4625
Pensacola, Florida (850) 452-3802
Raleigh, North Carolina (828) 456-3385
Middle U.S.
Great Lakes, Illinois (847) 688-4643
Stennis Space Center, Mississippi (228) 813-1925 /
(228) 813-1926
Western U.S.
Houston, Texas (713) 953-5959
Yuma, Arizona (520) 328-3626 /
(520) 328-3636
Reno, Nevada (702) 972-3764
Sacramento, California (916) 595-5360
Coronado, California
(619) 437-2049 /
(619) 595-5360
Kodiak, Alaska (907) 487-5193
Foreign and U.S. Territories
Rota, Spain 011-34-95-682-1550
Panzer Kaserne, Germany 011-49-70-311-5961
Bahrain 011-97-372-4748
Guam (671) 339-6293
Puerto Rico (787) 865-4721


Candidates should report 15 minutes early and bring the items listed below. Some screening locations have additional requirements. Be sure to contact your location and ask about local policies.

  • Swim suit and towel
  • Service record
  • Medical record
  • Military identification card
  • Long pants
  • Boots (jungle type)
  • T-shirt
  • Drinking water

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If you are serious about joining the Navy SEALs, it will pay you enormously to enter into a proper physical fitness training programme BEFORE you get to BUD/S. For more information on achieving the required level of fitness, you can check out the SEAL workout section.

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